Why you need to go for a beach run/walk by yourself

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February 6, 2017
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February 26, 2017

Why you need to go for a beach run/walk by yourself

I generally never slow down. If I am not working, or with my husband and kids, I usually have plans with friends or a list of things to complete.  Today, after leaving work early, I decided to head to the beach and walk by myself. In general, I would prefer to run it but today I just walked.   I had an hour to enjoy the view and hear the waves and experience quite an empty beach.  I loved it!  It was the first time in awhile, I was able to think about me and what my goals included (not as the label of mom, not as the label of wife,  and not as the label of employee).  Although, I love all of my labels and enjoy them all, sometimes it’s freeing to be able to walk alone on a beach and worry about nothing.  So here is my view from today’s walk, I hope it brings you the same calm that it brought me!






Now I have to jet to go get my kids… Labels commence!~Barb

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