Firefly Distillery and Deep Water Winery

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February 26, 2017
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March 14, 2017

Firefly Distillery and Deep Water Winery

Don’t have any plans for a weekend? Well I have some place that you have to try!

FireFly Distillery and Deep Water Vineyard in Wadamalaw Island.

Seriously, where else can you go that has tastings for Vodka, Bourbon, and Wine?  Well, look no further.  Every Saturday, this beautiful setting hosts a different food truck, music and tastings. The Distillery tastings are 6$ and the wine is $5.  Well worth the price to sample all of the different varieties offered.

My favorite was the Lemon Vodka but it can only be bought at the Distillery due to shelf life of 3 months or 6 months if in the freezer because of lack of preservatives. The wine is made from the muscadine grapes and I have never tasted a wine like it.  My favorite was the Low Tide.

The setting is breathtaking and a fantastic view to bring a blanket or some chairs and sit out on their lawn while drinking a glass of wine.

Check out their websites:

Here are a few pictures of me at the distillery during their Cork Shukin Festival.

And as always, Cheers ~Barbara Skidmore @blushingalpacas @skidmorediaries


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