5 Reasons I love Charleston, SC #4

5 Reasons I love Charleston, SC!
March 14, 2017
5 Reasons I love Charleston, SC #3
March 16, 2017

5 Reasons I love Charleston, SC #4

Continuing on with my favorite things around Charleston, SC.

Number 4

History, Beauty, and Views

When you walk around downtown you get to see palmettos among the old beautiful buildings and the kicker is that the ocean is the backdrop.  Within all this beauty, there is a rich history involving US history. Lucky for us, after the Civil War, funds were short and thus the city had to repair its beautiful building instead of tearing them down. Read more about it here.  There are also lots of tours and historical houses to see, learn more about that here.  And of course there is always the carriage tours ( I call them the clippity clop tours) which are different every time you get on one.  Definitely something to try even if only once.







Now for the views, Hit a rooftop like Vendue to see some outstanding views. They are exceptional especially at sunset.  You can also walk the Ravenel and get a vast view of the Holy City and the harbor. Rainbow row is unbeatable and of course the beach has views too.






So there you go, just another reason why I love this city. I mean seriously, where else can you turn a corner and walk into a building where George Washington ate and parked his horses? Well you can in Charleston at McCrady’s Tavern.  Don’t forget to order a drink while you are there.



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