Charleston Inspired Timex

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March 19, 2017
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April 3, 2017

Charleston Inspired Timex

Why you need this watch!

Well, I never wear watches.  What’s the point really, when you have your phone with you all the time. This is of course what I used to think and say all the time.  But seriously, everyone needs a watch and let me tell you why:

  1. Time: Let’s just start with the easiest answer.  It tells time. Yes, yes your phone tells time too, but as phones get bigger they aren’t as convenient to hold with us all the time. Especially when going out on the town.  How many times do people ask you the time and then you have dig through your stuff to pull out your phone to get the time.  That is unless you have a watch!
  2. Accessorize: It’s a fun accessory.  Trust me, a gorgeous watch looks great on your arm and can dress up or compliment your already cute outfit.
  3. Compliments: Who doesn’t like a compliment? When I wore this watch around Charleston yesterday, I counted 10 people who told me that they loved my watch.  Why, thank you!  I love it too.
  4. Personality: There are so many different types and styles of watches, you can pick the band, the face, the size that fits you perfectly.
  5. Versatility: Most bands now are reversible which gives lots of different choices and looks for just one watch.

So now I am officially a watch person! Thank you Timex for sending me this fabulous Charleston Inspired Watch. It is perfect and you can get it here.









Now the real question is, which one do I get next?!



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