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Gold Creations

I have had the great pleasure working with Gold Creations in Charleston, SC located here.  Jewelry is so often a representation of our style and ourselves that sometimes it is difficult to find the right piece that fits. Lucky for me, before leaving on a trip abroad, I was able to stop into this little shop and locate some dream pieces.  Before I get further into my trip, let me tell you a little about this charming shop!

Family owned and operated since 1975, started by a husband and wife team, Glenn and Vicki Wolfe.  The business began buying Native American jewelry on the West Coast then bringing their goods back to Charleston, SC and selling on the tables in the Market. This is where the conception of Gold Creations shop began and now houses their store.  Currently, they support 13 employees 4 of which are family

Don’t be deceived by how small the actual shop is, the amount and quality of jewelry they house are quite impressive!  Do you see all those gold pieces behind Katherine in the picture…. yeah, so many sparkly things!!  I was almost overwhelmed when I went into the shop, but never fear these girls know what they are doing and helped guide me in the right direction!

Their biggest seller is their Sterling Silver Rice Bead collections which they have been selling for over 15 years now. These necklaces were fashioned after the Carolina Gold Rice that was SC’s main cash crop in the 1700’s. You can find more about this here. You can see why they are a huge seller! Just gorgeous!

So why did I choose Gold Creations? For years and years, Europe has been sending their gold and jewels to the States. This time however, I intended to bring a piece of Charleston,SC with me on my travels to Europe and Gold Creations provided just the pieces to compliment my story and my pictures.

To know me, is to know that my husband and I travel. We travel abroad, we travel local, we travel extensively.  Our favorite mantra is: The greatest traveler is always planning their next trip.  We live by this saying and although we just returned from the United Kingdom, we are already planning the next trip. Truly, we never stop thinking about it (Luckily, my husband is just as crazy as I am)!  With that said, one piece in particular stood out to me, The Compass Rose.  Now the Compass Rose was originally, fashioned after the nautical life of the low country. However, it has come to mean much more to me!

Another defining moment for me, was getting to Stonehenge.  Trust me it was an escapade getting there… I mean serious shenanigans before we hit those gates! When we finally saw the Stones as we crested the hill, it was breathtaking.  The skies were moody and the Stones were telling a story, just like my compass. I wouldn’t have had the skies any other way.  It even started to sprinkle a bit which led to the perfect experience. Now don’t worry, we also went to Scotland too and on an overnight train to boot!  It was actually quite relaxing, but enough about that!  If you plan on going to Scotland, plan on going to the Highlands!  My favorite place by far on the trip.

Eilean Donan was a gorgeous castle and also right next to the entrance or Gate to the Isle of Skye, so the Gate Earrings played perfectly with my destination this date. And to answer your question, yes it was cold almost every day even though it was June! It also rained quite often, but would clear quickly.  My favorite quote of the trip was when one of the workers said, “The weather is nice now, but we are just minutes away from miserable”!!  What a true statement, and also pretty funny, or not so funny depending on who you ask!

Now, we couldn’t leave Scotland without first looking for Nessie in Loch Ness (we didn’t find her), heading to Inverness, stopping at the top of Scotland in John O’Groats and heading back and out through Edinburgh.

It truly was a non-stop journey with lots of destinations. If you have any questions about our vacation, just let me know and I will do my best to answer them.  Follow the links in the post to access Gold Creations website for any questions related to the jewelry. You will not be disappointed by their variety and quality.

The Compass Rose will forever be apart of my future travels! Thank you Gold Creations for helping me locate such a magical piece.  I think Elizabeth (Lizzy) from Gold Creations said it best:

“The Compass Rose is a reminder that we are not merely travelers, but we are the navigators of our destiny.”

Now start planning your next adventure! Cheers,  Barb @blushingalpacas





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