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July 7, 2017
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Isla Surf School

Isla Surf School

So have you ever gone surfing?  Have you ever wanted to try surfing?  Let me tell you the answer to the those questions have always been NO!  Or Heck No in my case.

I have always been a little scared to get into the ocean above my waist unless I could see what was around me (it’s ok, you can make fun of me). So when I was asked by Peter the owner of Isla Surf School whether I was interested in learning how to Surf, my first thought was….no I do not! Thankfully, I took a moment and thought about it.  Why wouldn’t I try it? I live on the coast and this is what it is all about.  Now let me tell you why you need to try it too!

First let me tell you a little bit about Isla Surf School.  It is located at Folly Beach a bit down the beach from the pier located here.  Peter Melhado is the owner and started this company August 20th, 2015 and has a staff of 4.  Peter is a life long surfer and has worked surf schools and camps throughout his life.  They are open year round but tend to be the busiest in the summer for obvious reasons. In addition to private lessons and daily lessons they also have after school programs, summer camps, yoga & surf Sundays and a variety of packages. Here is how you schedule your lessons/packages/group packages or buy your merchandise.  Use code ALPACAS for a 15% off any lesson time or Mechandise!!

Peter was kind enough to provide instruction to myself as well as my husband and 2 kids.  It was great to see how he was able to switch between how to entertain and motivate my kids to instructing the adults (some of us more scared than others) on how to manipulate the board and the surf.  My daughter was an actual rock star on the board and is now researching all things surf! What a confidence builder for her!  My son who is a bit younger, loved trying to do “sweet jumps” off the board… seriously whose kids is that?! You can see them below.

I was a bit nervous on the way out, but that quickly went away as I needed to concentrate on what the heck I was supposed to do.  Where do I put my feet again?   Hands go where? How do I lean? After the first wave (I even stood up for a second… that’s what I call a WIN), I was officially hooked!  I even rode a wave for a little bit!  My husband also had a great last run on his board.  The entire family considered the day a great success!

There are few other great things I learned about Isla Surf school that are pretty awesome.  Isla is partnered with the Warrior Surf Foundation which is surf and beach therapy for Veterans suffering from a variety of mental issues to help them transition back into civilian life. Also, Isla works with Charleston Ripple Effect which is an Autism therapy session.

Isla has a great future with a talented core of instructors.  I would highly recommend them whether you are coming into town for vacation, wedding festivities or  whether you are local and you and/or your kids want to give it a try. So go check them out!

My HECK NO went to a Hang 10 after my first surf lesson!  Thanks again Peter!


Barbara Skidmore


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