Brewery of the Week ~ Ghost Monkey

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August 1, 2017
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August 4, 2017

Brewery of the Week ~ Ghost Monkey

Brewery of the Week!

We (myself and @scbeerned ) have started a new Brewery of the week series where we highlight local breweries within the Charleston area. Focusing on different aspects including atmosphere, owners, history and of course all things beer. If you have a place you want us to go next, let me know!



Here we are outside the brewery  just enjoying the sun and the beer. Their Not Yo Mama’s IPA and Lemon Basil IPA are both solid choices at the brewery and also their biggest sellers. My favorite right now is the JoJo a nitro coffee stout. Their intention is to provide a good variety of beer selections so no matter what you like you can find something on the tap list to drink. Here is a link to their current tap list. To learn more about the actual beer check out @scbeernerd .


There are 3 owners : Josh Parker, Jim Leonard and John Kosky.  Jim is the head brewer.  Josh and John worked together and met Jim through a mutual friend.  After getting to know him, Jim mentioned he was thinking about starting a brewery and wanted to know if we might be interested.  Jim was a home brewer for over 15 years.

Why the name Ghost Monkey:

Josh (one of the owners) took a business trip to Spain and visited Gibraltar.  He was walking up a mountain when a monkey came out of nowhere (like a ghost) and snatched his bag of souvenirs.  The monkey broke the souvenirs while looking for an orange and thus a brewtiful name was launched. I love it and my kids think the name is pretty cool too (so that makes it awesome)!


Ghost Monkey is located here, which is in Mount Pleasant and very close to the Port.  Their goal was to be in Mt Pleasant and at that time the only other brewery was Westbrook,  MtP was ready for more breweries.  The atmosphere is laid back/casual with a place for everyone! It’s kid friendly and dog friendly and they always have food trucks to serve your hunger needs as well as events including live music/cornhole tournaments to spice up the fun factor.

Future Plans:

Currently, their beer can only be found in the tap room.  They are on a small system right now and all have their day jobs still so they are unable to produce enough beer to send out to other locations at this point.  Ghost Monkey is starting to upgrade their equipment and the plan is to be in a bigger system within a year.   The bigger system would allow distribution to bars and restaurants!  We can’t wait!

I love everything about Ghost Monkey and now we want to give you some things too!  Enter the giveaway posted on instagram and win these great prizes. Go visit Ghost Monkey and tell us what you think!


Barbara Skidmore


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