Brewery of the Week ~ Low Tide Brewing

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August 4, 2017
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Brewery of the Week ~ Low Tide Brewing

Brewery of the Week

We (myself and @scbeernerd ) have a Brewery of the week series where we highlight local breweries within the Charleston area. Focusing on different aspects including atmosphere, owners, history and of course all things beer. If you have a place you want us to go next, let me know!

Low Tide Brewing

Low Tide Brewing is located on John’s Island right here. Now before you say wow that’s too far, let me tell you it took us about 10 minutes from the cross town to arrive at this gorgeous and peaceful setting.  I couldn’t believe how close this brewery is to downtown Charleston even though it seems like you are in the middle of the country.


Alright, well they have a pretty stellar line up at their brewery.  My absolute favorite of the day was their Gingerly Squeeze My Lemons (also the best name ever), while my husband loved the Just a Peach of Habanero.  Their Sweet Caroline Kolsch was pretty rockin too.  They may have the best beer naming abilities that I have seen in awhile!  They sell Crowlers and Growlers for take away just in case you need some more at home!

Low Tide has two owners, Mike and Andy.  Mike is from Rochester, NY but has been visiting the Charleston area his entire life.  Since college, Mike has lived in Charleston on and off while attempting to pursue a career in the energy industry.  When the energy career path didn’t materialize Mike hatched the idea for Low Tide and got a degree in marketing at University of Rochester while working at a local brewery.  Andy is from Conifer, CO. He knew at an early age he wanted to own a brewery and has been working towards that goal ever since.  Andy attended Colorado State University and earned a degree in fermentation science.  Andy then worked in different roles at different breweries before meeting Mike when he was the head brewer of a brewpub in Omaha, NE.
 When Mike decided to open a brewery the first thought for location was on John’s Island.  Mike was very familiar with the area and really wanted the brewery to have a connection with the local agricultural community. After searching for months, they almost gave up and were close to getting a building in West Ashley.  Before signing on the other building, they did one last search of John’s Island and came across the building they now call home.
There was an evident camaraderie with great banter between the two owners that you notice right away.  They are laid back all while getting the job done.  Each has their role and I enjoyed learning from both of them!

Why the name Low Tide Brewing?:

Mike came up with the name “Low Tide Brewing” while kayaking between Kiawah and Johns Island. At the time, he had not yet officially decided to start a brewery but ever since he began home brewing in college he liked to think of names for the brewery and for the beers (well done sir). During the summer of 2012, Mike was working as a kayak guide in Charleston and spent a large amount of his free time home brewing. While on the water at low tide, the name was born.
They often get asked why not “High Tide Brewing”.  They thought Low Tide fit with the Lowcountry lifestyle giving it a more laid back, relaxed feel.  Most importantly low tide is their favorite time to be on the water because of all the activity.  I would say the name suits them and their brewery perfectly!


This place is open and welcoming with great light.  On a nice day, the doors will open to let in the fresh air and the fun outdoor activities that are inevitably going on all the time!  Don’t worry though, they have Air Conditioning for the steamy summer days and nights that occur in Charleston.  There is an area for kids to play and pups are welcome too as long as they are on a leash, and just look at Julian (my new love)! The seating includes bar stools, picnic tables, and adirondack chairs. They have Yoga on Saturday mornings and boot camp on Sunday mornings! Food trucks are ample and they have a list of activities located here.

Future Plans: 

As for expansion, they installed new equipment on the brew floor within their first year. Looking toward the future, they are in the design stages of packaging artwork. Cans and Speciality bottles are also in the plan. Continued focus to re-invest in their Tap Room experience is ever present. They hope to increase outdoor accommodations as well as expanding their merchandise line up.

I can’t tell you how much fun we had with the owners and learning about the brewery!  It is a must stop for both locals and tourists alike!

Thanks for having us!

Special thanks to Kyle from @charlestonbrewerylist and Ashley from @ashdeezphotography for joining us!


Barbara Skidmore


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