Hanks Seafood Restaurant

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August 30, 2017
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Hanks Seafood Restaurant

Hanks Seafood

I often get asked by many locals and incoming tourist, where is the best seafood in Charlston, SC.  Well, ladies and gentleman, I think I found it!

Hanks Seafood Restaurant is located in the middle of one of the busier intersections of Charleston where charming traffic jams are often caused by horse drawn carriages! The outside of the building has plenty of photo opportunites for the traveler and local alike, so don’t miss the opportunity to snap a picture! Now here is the key, either A: get there early for Happy Hour (more on this in a bit) or B: Make reservations.  Hanks is always busy and there is a great reason why. Happy Hour  So let’s start with Happy Hour! Hanks is now open early at 4:30 for Happy Hour! The Happy Hour last from 4:30-6pm featuring 1.50 oysters! What a steal!  In addition to the oysters, their drink specials include: 5$ Draft Beer, 6$ Featured Wine, 7$ Craft Cocktail!  Here are some of those fancy coctails I just mentioned!

Chef Tim

Before the Appetizers came out we had the privledge of meeting the head Chef Tim Richardson who has more or less been working at Hanks since 2001! Seriously, he has worked his way throughout the restaurant and into the head Chef Position. Tim is fun and and vibrant and his passion for cooking and seafood are quite evident!  He is a South Carolina native and even surfs on his free time loving all things low country.


Now let’s get back to these appetizers I was talking about.  I hope you like seafood because you are about to get a beautiful view of some of their special appetizers. Now aren’t they lovely? I would have to say that the crab cakes and Seared Tuna Salad were my favorite while my husband enjoyed the Tuna Tartare seen. Well, that was almost a meal itself, but don’t worry we forged on so that you could see all of the amazing delicousness that Hanks has to offer!

Main Course

For the main course, Chef Tim sent out some of the most popular and also some of his favorite dishes!  I truly would never have ordered a Bouillabaisse on my own so I am now forever indebted to Chef Tim for making me try it! And these Scallops were so large and tender, I thought about slapping my husbands hand away from them!


Can’t stop, won’t Stop!  I didn’t think we could possibly eat another bite until we were asked if we liked CRÈME BRULEE.  Why yes,yes we do!  And yes, yes we did love it!  I’m on a mission to try their Creamy Peanut Butter Pie next time. When we strolled out of the restaurant, we were highly satisfied and overly full!  We shouldn’t have eaten that much, but we couldn’t help ourselves!  Hanks truly is one of the best seafood restaurants that I have ever been too! It takes the history and coastal charm of Charleston and brings that flavor to the table! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


Barbara Skidmore


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