Brewery of the Week ~ Two Blokes Brewing

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October 7, 2017

Brewery of the Week ~ Two Blokes Brewing

Brewery of the Week

We (myself and @scbeernerd ) have a Brewery of the Week series where we highlight local breweries within the Charleston area. Focusing on different aspects including atmosphere, owners, history and of course all things beer. If you have a place you want us to go next, let me know!

You look thirsty!

Two Blokes Brewing

Two Blokes brewing is located in Mt. Pleasant, SC off of Long Point Road, right here.    If you live in Mt. Pleasant, it is really convenient and one of the few this side of the bridge, and if you are from any where else it is right off the highway for a quick detour.


There is a pretty big variety at their Brewery!  You can choose from all different types with their current selection on tap here.   I had a great time trying them all out and I would have to say, my favorite was the Dark Day Afternoon pre-prohibition stout brewed especially for the recent eclipe and also made with ingredients only found in the early 1900s. There is a special release coming out on Friday so check their website for more on that! You won’t want to miss it! They sell Crowlers for take away just in case you need some more at home!

Aren’t they lovely?!

All the yum!

To learn more about the beer check out @scbeernerd .



Two Blokes has two owners, Sean and Matty or as I like to call them, the Two Blokes! Matty and Sean have been friends for almost a decade, they met while working at Blackbaud and bonded over a love of craft beer. Matty’s been home brewing for over 20 years and got Sean into home brewing. About 7 years ago, Sean said to Matty (probably after one too many beers) “we should open a brewery together”.  That always sounds like a good plan at the time? Am I right?! Matty told him he was crazy, but Sean was persistent, so about 6 years ago they started working on a business plan, and they started saving their pennies. Don’t let the Two Blokes name fool you, the wives of these two are just as integral in making this brewery work. We were able to meet Brittany, who is married to Sean and is also the Co-Founder & Taproom Hoperations Manager. We unfortunately were unable to meet Matty as he was away researching beer!  Maybe the best job in the world?! I guess we will have to go back!

Sean, Co-owner

Sean and Brittany! A family that brews together, stays together!

Why the name Two Blokes Brewing?:

According to Sean, naming a brewery is a bit more difficult than you’d think. Who knew?  Every time they thought of the perfect name, they would find out that some brewery just filed trademark papers on the same name! Sean and Matty had a list of about 100 names and were slowly whittling them down when Matty said to his wife, “why is this so difficult, we’re just two blokes making beer…” and alas Two Blokes was born!

Let me help you with that!

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This place is found  in a business park, right off the highway. Don’t worry you can’t hear any highway noise but it is easily accesible.  On a nice day, the doors will open to let in the fresh air and the fun outdoor activities like Cornhole!  There is picnic seating outsight with lots of food truck action all the time. Here is a link to their events. On the inside there are bar stools, high tops and long table seating for groups or individuals.  It is dog friendly and there is an area for kids to play and trust me it is kid tested and mother approved!

Tap Room!

Kids play, parents drink! Perfect solution!








Why Mt. Pleasant? Well, Mt. Pleasant was on their minds quite early as a city is growing so rapidly and they felt the opportunity was there to help grow a bigger craft beer scene. It actually took them more than a year of searching to get their current space, which was a dream space for them because it was a blank canvas with dirt floors, which comes in handy when you have to put drains in for brewing. They also knew they would be a family friendly spot and figured this was definitely a town that could appreciate that.


Where the magic happens!

Future Plans: 

They have some big plans in the works! Right now they have two areas of focus: heavier keg distribution in and around the greater Charleston area with sights on the rest of the state, and canning and bottling, which they are hoping to start early next year!

Giveaway! Giftcard and marked pint glass!

More kegs!

What else should we know: 

From Sean: “We’re a brewery that is as simple as our name; it was started by two guys that love to brew beer, drink beer, and share beer with their friends and family.  At the end of the day we want to make beer that every one can enjoy so we brew a wide range of styles to appeal to a wide range of palettes. We think beer is best enjoyed with friends and family (and yes, that means kids, dogs, and grandparents too) and we strive to create and keep an environment that everyone feels comfortable in, whether you’re out for a post-work pint for happy hour, or you’re new parents out for their first date night sans baby. We really just love beer, we’re always excited to talk about our beer (and other beer). We love to give tours and talk about making beer, and we still geek out every single time we see our beer on tap any where. Seriously, it never gets old. ”







I would say that about sums up everything about this crew! We had the best time and loved meeting both Sean and Britt! Tell Matty, we are coming for him sometime soon!

Cheers! Thanks for coming @charlestonbrewerylist!

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Thanks for having us!

Special thanks to Kyle from @charlestonbrewerylist and Ashley from @ashdeezphotography for joining us!


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List of Restaurants that may carry Two Blokes Beer:

Lewis Barbecue

Grace & Grit


McCrady’s Tavern

Jim & Nick’s



Craft Conundrum 


Madra Rua 

Closed For Business


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