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April 7, 2018
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Buffalo Jackson

Buffalo Jackson

As you can imagine, traveling abroad can have its complications especially when deciding what to bring as your carry-on or while you are walking around an unfamiliar city. I’m pretty particular when it comes to a travel bag! Let me tell you what you need to look for when you are thinking of a purse or carry-on. Find the purse I brought with me to Argentina here

When I found out  Buffalo Jackson made women’s purses/bags,  I was ecstatic as my husband has loved wearing their well made gear. I have never seen a bad product come out of their store, so why not give this product a trial since it looks so great in the pictures.

Here are some of things I look for in a bag that Buffalo Jackson nailed:

  • Well made: let’s be honest, anything cheap or not well made will just fall apart when traveling. You may have to spend a bit more money to get a quality bag, but it will be well worth the money to know your bag can survive the wear and tear of airplanes, trains, metros etc.
  • Style: When I am speaking of style, I am particularly talking about the cross body style! IT IS NECESSARY when you are abroad! The cross body keeps the purse less likely to be grabbed and run off with while in a busy area or on the metro. The beauty of this Camden braided shoulder bag is that it can be both cross body as well as shortened to be a shoulder bag when you are not walking through a busy area! Perfect.
  • Leather: I love a leather bag, I love the look, the feel and of course the durability. Buffalo Jackson nailed it on the leather! It smelled perfect when it arrived.
  • Size: I chose the Camden Leather bag because of its size. I used it as my carry-on and nothing else while I checked my pack. This means I have to have enough space to keep lots and lots of things that I need until I retrieve my checked luggage.  My list of travel items included: Camera, additional lens, wallet, passport, kindle for reading, phone, extra battery charger, sunglasses (2 pair), gum, lipstick/chapstick, pen, hand sanitizer, tickets… yep, I brought it all and had some room to spare!
  • Comfort: Another reason I love leather, it just molds to your body. This Camden shoulder purse is adjustable! That’s a score since not everyone agrees how a purse or bag should hang!
  • Company: Buffalo Jackson has been such a pleasure to work with! Not only did they get me the bag quickly, but they followed up to make sure I loved it!  What a pleasure to work with this company and it was an easy recommendation for me!

Here are some of the pictures of the bag while traveling. This purse fit in perfectly in Patagonia with its braided detail and hickory color! I look forward to wearing it while not traveling as well which makes it the perfect everyday and travel purse!

Thanks again Buffalo Jackson! To shop all women’s bags click the link here!

Until next time… Cheers!

Barbara Skidmore


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