Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

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May 9, 2018
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June 29, 2018

Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

The Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

It all started when I was cruising Scott’s Cheap Flights for no apparent reason other than my curiosity for where I should go next. We just really can’t stay still… I know! In any case, we found flights to Ecuador from Atlanta for $280 round trip! We really couldn’t pass it up. We have wanted to go there for some time and this allowed the entire family to do it. Our next thought was, well should we drive up the same day or go the day before because everyone knows about Atlanta traffic!

Here is where the gorgeous Renaissance Airport Hotel comes into our plan. This hotel is right outside of the airport and it is new and gorgeous! Here is the kicker you can take the ATL Sky Train directly to the airport NO stops…. Sold! We decided to drive up the day before and have a relaxing night in Atlanta leaving behind the worry about missing planes or getting stuck in traffic the next day.

The Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel has truly thought of everything! It sends a link to check in via your phone prior to your arrival and you can use your phone for a key! Also, it’s absolutely stunning. I met Brittany Martin for a tour and she was a gem! I loved learning about all the fun features that I didn’t see initially. The designer’s name is Lauren Rottet and you can learn about her more here. All the artwork in the rooms are done by local artists like Ryan Coleman and Corrine Adams, the doors have an exclamation point or question mark on the outside of the door, there is a saying in the hallway of every floor and the bathrooms are modeled after the Chronicles of Narnia (seriously the coolest bathroom, I literally walked into all the stalls to see which one I liked the best).  They have a bar to the left upon entrance and swing beds to show their Southern Hospitality to the right! Club level is only available during the week day, but I was able to go in and see the beautiful area and it would definitely be warranted during the week!

Among the gorgeous areas, they have conference rooms and wedding venues and an outside area to sit and relax. The restaurant and bar are gorgeous and the bar is open until 1 am with service to the restaurant until 12am, however room service is 24 hours. It’s partner hotel across the street houses the pool with full access to Renaissance guests which we gladly used to wear our children down in order to sleep the night! We (well I did) used the large workout area in the morning prior to bringing the kids back to the pool once again to wear them down for the flight. They graciously allowed us a late check out and we left our car in their garage for a hassle free parking situation.  My favorite and best part of staying here is by far the tram that has direct access to the airport and the triple paned windows that seriously don’t allow any noise in the room. I actually asked whether they filtered white noise into the room to combat any airplane noise (that’s how quiet it was)! We were able to enjoy watching the airplanes take off but not hear any of them.

When traveling abroad or for long trips with kids, it’s best to have a direct flight (stay the night) and Atlanta has tons of flights and at cheaper rates. The beauty of a direct flight:

  1. No worrying about missing connections and getting stuck in an airport
  2. Only one flight to entertain your children or yourself
  3. Direct access to the airport and ability to take off in your car as soon as you clear Customs
  4. Plenty of time to get to the airport and less overall stress

We loved the Renaissance Atlanta Gateway Hotel and were so happy to stay there the night before our trip to Ecuador. It was the best decision and I highly recommend it! The luxury, the proximity to the airport, the amenities and the convenience wrapped into a beautiful package that is the Renaissance Hotel. The decrease in stress (let’s be honest there will always be some) while traveling with children or even without is by far worth a short drive to Atlanta!  

Thanks again Renaissance Atlanta Gateway! We will be back!

Here is the link to book a room!


Barbara Skidmore



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