Alpaca bag to Lake City, SC

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April 1, 2019
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Alpaca bag to Lake City, SC

What comes to mind when I say Lake City?  What about Lake City, South Carolina?  Unfortunately, for most South Carolinians, not a lot.  Granted some of you just moved into the low country (you know who you are), but even for those that grew up in South Carolina not much is known.  Well, that is about to change!

Though a completely drivable day trip (in fact heading up SR 41 from Charleston was a very pleasant traffic-less drive) we opted to stay.  We had no idea what to expect when we checked into The Inns at the Crossroads Hotel.  Blown away!  That’s how we felt.  A completely remodeled boutique Hotel right in the heart of downtown.  Gorgeous rooms, fine dining in the attached restaurant and one of the prettiest patio bars around.

Lake City, SC, located only an hour and a half from both Charleston and Columbia, is a city on the rise.  We recently had the opportunity to visit the city during its one-of-a-kind Artfields Art Festival.  Seriously, this festival awards over $140,000 to artists in the southeast this year alone.  That isn’t a typo, that is how serious this city takes the festival.  Running from April 26th to May 4th, the city is packed with live music from throughout the South East as well as art from over 180 artists that have entered the competition.

Uniquely, the city has placed the art throughout the community, located in shops, restaurants and community centers.  This allows people like us to wander around the very walkable city.  Enjoying both the unique pieces as well as the city itself.

Another highlight to this up and coming day trip destination is the Moore Farms Botanical Garden.  Located just outside the city, it’s a gorgeous manicured garden redefining what a southern garden can look like with inspirations from around the world.  The garden does not run standard visiting hours so it is best to call and plan ahead before your next trip.

When you talk about Gardens you can’t forget to mention that Lake City is 1 of only 2 Bee cities in all of South Carolina! That’s no easy feat and you can see the flowers blooming everywhere.

As the Artfields Art Festival wraps up, the city will set it’s sites on this October’s inaugural Rhythm & Q’s BBQ and Live Music Competition.  With prizes over $45,000, this festival highlights both the sounds and tastes of the South East. Future foodie city in the making.

You may not have ever been to Lake City, SC, heck, you might not have ever even heard of it.  You have now.  And trust me, day trip or weekend trip, it should be on your short list!

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Barbara Skidmore


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