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Short story about blushingalpacas

I often get asked, “What does Blushingalpacas mean?”

Well, if you have gotten this far in my bio without signing off you now know we travel often. Let me separate the name for you. BLUSHING: Simply comes from a female perspective and feminine approach. Boring right? Well just wait for the second part… ALPACAS: Yes, I have met an alpaca! Cory and I completed the 4 day hike up to Machu Picchu. This hike is no joke and it is straight up. After 4 days of hiking and camping in the mountains of Peru we hit the Sun Gate and entered Machu Picchu, and do you know what was waiting for us…. Alpacas!

They were everywhere walking on the smallest cliffs and exploring the areas without a concern. I thought to myself, “How the heck did they all get here and how do they survive”? In any case, much like an alpaca, it’s not any easy road this blog and instagram world, but it is well worth the trip and hard earned effort. In the end, BLUSHING ALPACAS was the perfect fit. Plus, I bet you don’t forget my name after you hear it!! Cheers and thanks for following along!

Initially, I started @blushingalpacas with the intention of doing it all.

I quickly learned that I needed a second account @skidmorediaries to channel more of our travel pieces. However, @blushingalpacas grew quickly and I didn’t have time to do both. I needed help and thus brought my husband, Cory, into the crazy instagram fold and he now runs the @skidmorediaries Instagram account. It is a great counter to my account and he’s pretty funny too!

Cory is well travelled even more than myself which drives me a little crazy, but now our goal is to continue to see the world as a team making recommendations along the way.

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